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Saturday, December 30, 2017

We Found....

We Found Our Favorite(s) Re-opened Here!!!
And hopefully, You will find Your Favorite Blog(s) Re-opened here also.... :):):):) Not to mention that We Found Many More New Favorite's right here in, "Blogs/Web Sites That Support What We Do" and Several in "New Found Blogs/Web Sites" .... Check it out Guys!!!

And if You are a Blog Owner of any of the Blog Links shown here in Our Second Section for You and You have a Blog Role on Your Blog,  may We please ask of You to add Our Main Blog Link within them and/or Install Our "Counter Of Shame".  If You do, please let Us know and we will move Your Blog Link to Our First Section.  Thanking You in advance if You do. 

A Note Here: Please be advised that all Blog Links listed  below are reserved for ONLY Those Google Blogger Blogs that have been CLOSED by Google and Re-Opened!!!!  Please DO NOT REQUEST to have your Blog(s) Added to this list unless You have a Shut Down Blog by Google Blogger that has been Re-Opened.  Thank You For Understanding.  However, if You would like to be Added to Our "Blogs/Web Sites That Support Us", please e-mail Your Request and do not post a comment request for this, for it will not be honored and will be deleted.  Thank You.

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